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  • The Know Show Podcast

    Mon Apr 11 2022

    Privilege, Inequality and Education: Britain’s Private School Problem - Prof. Francis Green


    Francis Green is a Professor of Work and Education Economics in University College London Institute of Education. In this episode of The Know Show Podcast Francis discusses the huge problems with the private schooling system in Britain. He draws on his book Engines of Privilege, which he co-authored with David Kynaston. Listen to hear the way Francis articulately unpacks the ways private education is set up to benefit the society in which we live, and ways that we can push to reform this educational apartheid that exists. He clearly explains the way private schools are linked to the top universities and careers, and why it is so important we tackle this historical and entrenched system that persists. He shows why money should not be able to buy education, and highlights the inequality this bestows on society.


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