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    The Psychology of Money: Insights from Behavioural Finance

    insurance demand bias
    investment behavior
    stock market anomaly
    Created at: 30-03-2023
    Last updated: 02-08-2023
    "The Psychology of Money: Insights from Behavioural Finance" playlist delves into the fascinating world of behavioural finance and how it shapes our decision-making when it comes t...
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    Ratnalekha Viswanadham

    Wed Apr 26 2023

    How behavioral economics can inform the next mass vaccination campaign


    Syon Bhanot

    Wed Apr 05 2023

    Financial Incentives and Herding: Evidence from Two Online Experiments


    Savva Shanaev

    Tue Mar 28 2023

    The Groundhog Day stock market anomaly


    Francisco Pitthan

    Thu Mar 16 2023

    Puzzles of insurance demand and its biases: A survey on the role of behavioural biases and financial literacy on insurance demand


    Razan Salem

    Mon Mar 20 2023

    Examining the investment behavior of Arab women in the stock market


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