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Urban PlannersTra...Cit...
For Urban Planners:

How can the PBIL algorithm be applied to determine optimal left-turn restrictions in urban traffic networks?

Vikash V. Gayah
This would require that the user has a simulation to assess the impacts of each "configuration" of left turn restrictions. Such simulations are typically used in the traffic operations field to quantify how well a given strategy might perform. The algorithm will then help determine which configuration is the best, as there are likely too many options to try all.
Civil engineersInf...Str...
For Civil engineers:

How can the partially observable Markov decision processes (POMDPs) be utilized to optimize infrastructure maintenance decision-making?

Li Lai
If we only use POMDPs, it cannot be applied in practical infrastructure management. The matrix pattern restricts the expression of information. In this stage, we use digital twins to represent the practical structure. Then, we use deep reinforcement learning to train an intelligent agent to make the maintenance decision in this digital world. This is my last paper using this idea. "Synergetic-informed deep reinforcement learning for sustainable management of transportation networks with large action spaces"
Civil EngineersEnv...Geo...
For Civil Engineers:

How do the different combinations of urease, urea, calcium chloride, and sodium alginate affect the unconfined compressive strength and permeability coefficient of soybean urease reinforced sand?

Huihui Xiong
The values of urease concentration, urea concentration, calcium chloride concentration and sodium alginate content all affect the unconfined compressive strength and permeability coefficient of soybean urease reinforced sand, but the degree of influence is different, so the effects of different combinations are different.
Construction EngineersCon...Civ...
For Construction Engineers:

How does the water-cement ratio affect the resistance of concrete during pipeline transportation?

Guoming Liu
Low water-cement ratio reduces the resistance normally.
Environmental engineersChe...Env...
For Environmental engineers:

How does the electrochemical catalytic oxidation of p-NP on Fe2O3-PVP-G modified electrodes compare to other treatment methods for organic pollutants?

Yan Guo
The advantage of electrocatalysis is that it is simple, fast and effective. Of course this is carried out in the laboratory, if it is applied in the factory, the effect may be lower than the laboratory effect.
For Woodworkers:

How does the HT-treatment temperature affect the longitudinal contraction of tension wood in Konara oak?

Hiroyuki Yamamoto
Konara oak is a species of hardwood. In many hardwood, the tension wood is formed along the upper side of leaning stem or branch. In tension wood, a very high tension force is generated so as to pull up the leaning stem vertically. After cutting the wood block, a large amount of tension force is still locked-in the green block. Locked-in tension force is rapidly released by boiling (HT-treatment), and the block contracts along fiber direction.
Medical professionalsDat...Hea...
For Medical professionals:

How does KGxDP improve disease prediction compared to current models?

Shoubin Dong
The core is to obtain a better patient representation, and to use this representation for downstream tasks. We enhance patient representation modeling in the following ways: 1. KGxDP leverages knowledge graphs to create an individualized subgraph for each patient based on their admission history. This subgraph is combined with the admission sequence embedding to furnish a richer representation. 2. The utilization of a time transformer to model the admission sequence embedding for each patient, thoroughly exploring the connections between adjacent admission records and capturing the temporal variation of each diagnosis.
Data scientistsMac...Bus...
For Data scientists:

What are the properties of the novel probabilities and mathematical expectations in feature selection algorithms?

Dayong Deng
In classical probability , the start point is an instance, while the start point of the novel probability is an information granule which may contain lots of instances. If we consider an information granule as an event, then the novel probability is the same as the classical one. When the novel probabilities and mathematical expectations are employed in feature selection algorithm, the selected features are the same as those obtained from their corresponding information entropy.
For Neurologists:

What is the relationship between CSF biomarkers and brain β-amyloid deposition status confirmed by amyloid PET?

Hisashi Nojima
Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) β-amyloid (Aβ) 42 and amyloid positron emission tomography (PET) have proved to have high diagnostic accuracy for Alzheimer disease (AD) years before the onset of clinical symptoms and are becoming an important part of the diagnostic workup. Both biomarkers have shown correlations with postmortem plaque measurements, and previous studies have indicated 80% to 90% agreement between CSF Aβ42 values and quantitative amyloid PET data.
Non-academic audiencesSem...Dat...
For Non-academic audiences:

Ontology developers: What are the limitations of existing incoherent ontologies and how can they be addressed?

Weizhuo Li
Incoherent ontologies will lead to the concepts are contained in empty set, it means that the reasoning results by reasoners are not useful.
Physical therapistsOrt...Occ...
For Physical therapists:

How can the findings of this study be applied to develop specific interventions for improving posture control in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis patients?

Jingmei Dong
The results suggest that more AP direction postural control is needed for AIS patients. This can guide the development of specific interventions. An exoskeleton intervention has been tried before, but it doesn’t seem feasible. At present, systematic literature review is a good choice.
For Therapists:

How can understanding the emotional states of clients improve the effectiveness of therapy?

Maria Elena Lechuga Redondo
Understanding the emotional state of others might tell us more than we think. It is known that people usually communicate poorly with words about their feelings. It might be the case that a client might mislead their true internal state in purpose or that they are unable to express it verbally (either because they don't know how to describe it with words or because they are unaware they are feeling it). Hence, it is crucial for a therapist to put all the knowledge together (extracted from the context, sounds, speech, and visual cues; either corporal or facial movements) and infer their client's emotions. This way, they can communicate this information with their clients and together conduct a more honest and constructive experience.
Community organizersNon...Soc...
For Community organizers:

How can community psychologists better engage with and support racial justice efforts within their communities?

Jesica Siham Fernández


Land managersWil...Ran...
For Land managers:

Which mechanical method has the lowest cost?

Danielle Bilyeu Johnston


Mental Health Professio...Hea...Pub...
For Mental Health Professionals:

How can natural language processing (NLP) be used to improve the identification of life events (LE) associated with suicide risk in clinical notes?

Silvia Crivelli
The onset and persistence of life events such as housing instability, job instability, and poor social connections have been shown to increase risk of suicide. Unfortunately, these life events are under-reported in the structured electronic health records (EHR) data (e.g. diagnoses and procedures codes, laboratory results, medication prescriptions) because these data are mainly used for billing purposes. On the other hand, unstructured notes generally captured from the perspective of the clinician are rich in detail and contain significant patient stressors more accurately. Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods can be used to extract embedded patient information from the unstructured data. By providing a list of concepts and n-grams (a collection of n successive items in a text document that may include words, numbers, symbols, and punctuation) associated with them and then automatically identifying and extracting those words from unstructured data, NLP allows us to integrate unstructured and structured data to predict suicide risk. Examples of n-grams associated with housing instability include homeless, living in shelter, living on street, and couch surfing.
Dairy FarmersNut...Foo...
For Dairy Farmers:

How can the addition of carob molasses and probiotics affect the physicochemical properties of fermented goat milk?

Esmat Aly
The carob molasses incorporation increased the viscosity of the bio-fermented goat milk during the storage period, compared to the unsupplemented samples. However, differences in viscosity were insignificant between carob molasses-containing samples and control samples. Moreover, the goat milk samples fermented with Lactobacillus helveticus CH5 were more viscous than those fermented with Bifidobacterium bifidum DSM, without any significant differences between them. This is probably explained by the ability of some probiotic strains to produce exopolysaccharides and thickening agents that can retain more water. The increased total solids resulting from adding carob molasses to the supplemented samples represent another factor in increasing viscosity. Viscosity significantly decreased (p < 0.05) with the progress of the storage period. The findings indicated that pH values gradually declined with the progress of cold storage time, thus the change in pH values occurred in a time-dependent manner. As well, pH changes occurred in a strain-dependent manner, displaying that samples containing Bifidobacterium bifidum DSM recorded the lowest pH values, compared to that containing Lactobacillus helveticus (CH5). The decline in pH values is associated with the metabolic activity of probiotic bacteria, which had the capability of degrading carbohydrates (lactose, and carob molasses carbohydrates) and producing organic acids. pH values continued to drop throughout the storage period, reaching between 4.18 to 4.0.
For Geologists:

What are the key geological and geophysical indicators of IOA occurrences in the Santa-Quitéria Magmatic Arc?

Clóvis Vaz Parente
The main geophysical signs are anomalies of high magnetic susceptibility values, associated with high cargability values ​​(IP). These anomalies, in some points, coincide with hematite outcrops with the occurrence of malachite on the surface. In other locations with geophysical anomalies, drilling work is necessary to check whether they coincide with mineralized rocks similar to the places they outcrop.
Healthcare professionalsNut...Bee...
For Healthcare professionals:

What are the specific bacterial pathogens that the BP and BB extracts have been shown to display antibacterial activity against?

Juraj Majtan
BP and BB water extracts are effective against diverse bacterial pathogens including Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The molecule (hydrogen peroxide) responsible for antibacterial effect of BB and BP extracts is not selective but act against diverse bacterial pathogens.
Fashion designersTex...Env...
For Fashion designers:

How can the properties of hemp be evaluated to ensure its suitability for textile production?

R. Yin
To ensure the suitability of hemp for textile production, its properties can be evaluated through various methods, focusing on key characteristics important for the textile industry. Evaluate the length, strength, fineness, and uniformity of hemp fibers. Longer and finer fibers generally result in softer and more desirable textiles. Tensile strength is crucial for durability.
Government OfficialsDis...Dev...
For Government Officials:

What specific measures can be taken to combat economic vulnerability for women in Bangladesh in the aftermath of cyclones?

Nadira Sultana
In the aftermath of cyclones, women's immediate needs should be addressed first. The intervention of states as well as other agencies should develop a collaborative approach to support women. The government, development practitioners, and private organizations should work in such a way that they support women and girls to overcome food insecurity, migration, early marriage, dropping out of school, and other dangerous sources of employment after natural hazards. The role of emergency relief is highly significant in addressing immediate needs. The government and other agencies play a vital role in addressing the needs of the community after disasters in Bangladesh. Besides, the GoB has taken different initiatives to support women. However, to combat the economic vulnerability of women in Bangladesh, a more comprehensive approach is required [1]. In addressing economic vulnerabilities, women’s capabilities to develop resilience should be addressed by incorporating the government, NGOs, and the private sector in this process. The major causes of women’s economic vulnerabilities, such as a lack of income-generating activities, a lack of skills for income generation for women, no relief from micro-credit obligations, insufficient relief support, and a lack of access to the public domain and economic resources, require specific interventions. As the empirical data demonstrate that the coastal districts are vulnerable to salinity, which reduces the options for traditional livelihoods for men and especially for women, the programs that the government developed to support women in extreme poverty to cope with disasters showed no significant progress for risk reduction; thus, the research suggests combining the existing skills of women with market opportunities for vulnerable coastal women to increase livelihood options through creating physical and social assets for women. Women have traditional knowledge, skills, and expertise that can be used as a source of non-traditional livelihood, contribute to making them resilient after disasters, and prepare for mitigating future disasters. Besides, there are many best practices around the world from both governments, NGOs, and business organizations that could be replicated or adapted to provide access and market vulnerable women’s products, so they become financially self-reliant. The Government of Bangladesh should ensure women’s access to market places, build resilience through micro-savings or insurance schemes for disasters, and create supply chains for women’s alternative livelihoods.  Focusing on those measures to ensure access for women and develop mechanisms to address the cycle of vulnerability and develop a counter cycle of resilience and recovery by incorporating the government, NGOs, and the private sector in this process. [1] See for more detailed analysis. Sultana, N 2022, A critical exploration of existing laws, policies, and practices pertaining to gender vulnerability, gender mainstreaming, and disaster management: A case study of Bangladesh, PhD thesis, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia