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  • Anatol Helfenstein

    Sun Oct 29 2023

    BIS-4D: A high-resolution soil modelling and mapping platform for the Netherlands in 3D space and time


    Smart and sustainable land and water management is crucial to secure the well-being of future generations, especially in highly populated areas like the Netherlands, where many different functions are combined in a small area. Decision makers therefore require accurate and up-to-date soil information at a high resolution. To meet these demands, we developed a spatio-temporal soil modelling and mapping platform for the Netherlands called "Bodemkundig Informatie Systeem 4D" (BIS-4D). The objectives of this project are to prioritize soil information according to user requirements, develop and apply a data-driven, 3D modelling strategy of soil properties and harmonize outdated soil data to a common age. Ultimately, we aim to provide information of key soil properties at any location, depth and time for every 25 m pixel in the Netherlands. In this way, we can ensure that BIS-4D is useful for regional, national, European and global initiatives contributing to the sustainable use of soils.


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