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    Fri Oct 07 2022

    Genome-wide analysis identifies molecular systems and 149 genetic loci associated with income


    Background People with advantaged socioeconomic backgrounds, on average, live longer. They also have better mental and physical health than those from more deprived environments. An understanding of the causes underlying the association between socioeconomic position and health is important. This will be helpful in minimizing social disparities in health and well-being. It has been demonstrated that genome-wide association studies can capture shared genetic associations between measures of health and socioeconomic position. Methods The primary sample used involved participants from UK Biobank. It is an open-access resource established to examine the determinants of disease in middle-aged and older adults. A total of 502,655 participants were assessed. The assessment includes a baseline on a range of cognitive and other psychological measures.They donated a number of biological samples, including DNA for genotyping. In order to reduce the effects of population stratification, only participants from the White British ancestry were included in the analysis. Key findings The researchers identify intelligence as one of the likely causal, partly-heritable phenotypes. Intelligence can bridge the gap between molecular genetic inheritance and phenotypic consequence in terms of income differences. These indicate that genetic effects contribute towards some of the observed socioeconomic inequalities in modern era Greater Britain. Conclusion In conclusion, this work indicates that markers of socioeconomic positions are likely to be both genetic and environmental in origin. Researchers found that socioeconomic position variation in Great Britain is partially accounted for by genetic differences in the population. There’s little evidence that these genetic differences were attributable to population stratification. Instead, they indicated the unequal distribution of heritable traits, including intelligence, across different socioeconomic position groups.


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