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  • Antony Van der Mude

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    I am a computer programmer working in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I also have experience in Firmware. I have had papers published in Inductive Inference, in the relationship between Metaphysics and Quantum Mechanics, and in Genomics and Epigenetics with applications to Cancer.

    How can the proposed concept of Hylomorphic Functions be experimentally tested within the framework of quantum mechanics, and what potential practical applications or insights could emerge from such experiments?

    How can the integration of Hylomorphic Functions and the dualism of substance and information in metaphysics be effectively communicated to students and the general public, especially considering its implications for the understanding of fundamental properties of matter?

    Given the potential ethical implications arising from the combination of substance metaphysics and process metaphysics in quantum measurements, what considerations should be taken into account when developing policies or regulations for the ethical use of quantum technologies, and how can these considerations be integrated into existing regulatory frameworks?

    Hylomorphic Functions

    Structure Encoding in DNA

    A Proposed Information-based Modality for the Treatment of Cancer

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