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  • Hana Posavcic

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    Based on the documented average operating cost of 0.77 EUR/m3 under optimal conditions, how does this cost compare with traditional methods of oily wastewater treatment, and what economic benefits can industries expect when adopting circulating flow sono-electrocoagulation for mineral oil removal on a larger scale in their day-to-day processes?

    In the context of the research, what are the key considerations and challenges that industrial plant managers should be aware of when implementing circulating flow sono-electrocoagulation with iron electrodes for mineral oil removal, and how can these challenges be effectively addressed in day-to-day operations?

    How can the optimal conditions identified in the research, such as the specific number of cycles (10.948 cycles), current density (107.12 A m−2), and flow rate (0.468 L s−1), be practically incorporated into existing water treatment plant operations to enhance mineral oil removal efficiency?

    Insight to the paper: Application of Box–Behnken design for circulating flow sono-electrocoagulation for oily wastewater treatment

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