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  • Alejandro Lopez-Castillo

    Current affiliation: Universidade Federal de São Carlos


    Undergraduate in chemistry (1986) and in Physics (1987) from the University of São Paulo and PhD in Chemistry (Physical-Chemistry) from the University of São Paulo (1992) and Universidad Autónoma of Madrid (1989-1990). Post-doctorate in Theoretical Physics at the Institute of Physics/Unicamp (1993-1995). Young Researcher in the Mathematics Department at the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar) (1996-2000) and scientific improvement abroad at the Università degli Studi di Milano (1998). Post-doctorate in Theoretical Chemistry at the Institute for Theoretical Chemistry/University of Vienna (2006). Visiting professor at the Federal University of ABC, professor at Fundação Santo André, and professor-researcher IV at Centro Universitário Fieo. Undergraduate Chemistry Course Coordinator at the Department of Chemistry/UFSCar from 06/2014 to 05/2017. Experience in Chemistry and Physics, emphasizing Theoretical Chemistry and Dynamical Systems. Currently Associate Professor IV in the Department of Chemistry at the UFSCar.

    Chiral Symmetry Conservation Principle

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