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  • Monika Stojanova

    Current affiliation: Association for Scientific-research, Educational and Cultural Activities "Open Science", North Macedonia


    Monika Stojanova is a Doctor of Science in the field of food technology (Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade, Serbia). She has published more than 80 original research papers in eminent international journals, as well as in conference proceedings. With oral presentations, Stojanova has participated in numerous conferences in North Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Japan, France, Azerbaijan and Turkey. She is the author of two innovations: Bio-soups and Macedonian traditional sausage. At the World Fair of Women Innovators in Seoul, North Korea, she won two gold medals, one silver medal and a certificate for the best innovation. Moreover, she is a winner of numerous national and international awards and recognitions. 1. <>2 2. <>

    Bio soups – new functional dehydrated soups enriched with lyophilised mushroom extracts

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