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    My Name is Agezegn Asegid. I am nurse educator, researcher, and regulation advisor with more than 15 years of professional experience. I graduated first in baccalaureate nursing in 2006 from Jimma University and second in adult health nursing specialty from the same university on October 17, 2010. He served at Hosanna Health Science College, Hawassa University, the Ethiopian Nurses Association, and Wachemo University. Now, I am doing my Ph.D. in nursing. I participated in more than nine national curriculum development and revision projects; facilitated and took leadership roles in the development of five Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses; lead the accreditation of 33 CPD providers or training centers, and the accreditation of seven CPD courses. I participated in national guideline development, and licensure exam development processes. I already published nine research articles focusing on nursing health workforce. Currently, I am advising various organizations on nursing training, regulations, and health workforce development issues. Agezegn Asegid (BSc N, MSc AHN, Ph.D. fellow) Nurse Educator, Advisor on: nursing education, research, and Capacity build and regulation (CPD) Ph. D. Fellow at Haramaya University Wachemo University Department of Nursing Tel: +2519-12-13-44-42

    Educators clinical skill competency is not enough for teaching role

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