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  • Diego Mauro

    The treasury of wealth perished while they are alive, and the scholars remain as long as time remains.

    Ali Ibn Abi Talib AS

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    Understanding Religion and Modernity - Diego Mauro, Director

    Goal and Vision of Avances del Cesor - Diego Mauro, Director

    Avances del Cesor

    Avances del CESOR is a peer-reviewed journal edited by the Executive Unit - ISHIR (Social-Historical Regional Researches). ISHIR depends on CONICET (National Scientific and Research Council) and the National University of Rosario (UNR). It is published biannually on June and December, during the first week. It is dedicated to promoting academic productions, specially, Regional History,and Social History but without excluding other fields such as anthropology, sociology and art. The journal includes articles about Argentine, Latin America and Europe. It encourages comparative studies and it Is directed to researchers, teachers, graduates and students History and from other social sciences. Its Editorial Board invites the submission of contributions and unpublished and original works to be submitted for peer review. It ensures absolute secrecy of the identity of both referees and the authors. The peer referees are recognized members of national and international academic community and external to both the journal Avances del CESOR and the publishing institution.




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