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    Marine biology

    sustainable resource management
    marine ecosystems
    marine species behavior
    Created at: 11-10-2023
    Last updated: 19-12-2023
    "Marine Biology" is a playlist dedicated to the scientific study of marine ecosystems, organisms, and their migrations. It features research related to marine ecology, the behavior...
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    Shruthi Kottillil

    Mon Dec 18 2023

    Insights from elasmobranch catch composition and historical records


    We assessed elasmobranch diversity, abundance, catch rates and fishery characteristics using landing surveys in from central west coast of India, a major multigear, multi-species fishing centre, over three sampling periods. We sampled 3145 fishing trips and recorded 27 elasmobranch species, of which nearly half are categorised as “Threatened” by the IUCN. The catch was dominated by small-sized coastal species like the spadenose shark and the scaly whipray . Trawlers accounted for 64.9% of the catch, and captured smaller-sized individuals. Nonetheless, artisanal and gillnet fisheries had higher catch per unit effort for rays (5.1 ± 1.0) and sharks (10 ± 1.0), respectively, and captured significantly larger-size individuals. Through GLMs, we found seasonal, gear and fishery effects on the abundance and size of commonly caught species. Historically, 141 species have been recorded in this region, and a comparison with current catch suggests a shift in elasmobranch community structure.

    Estela Dibo Soares

    Mon Dec 11 2023

    Health conditions of Guiana dolphins facing cumulative anthropogenic impacts


    What is the relationship between the health of the Guiana dolphin and the health of the marine ecosystem? Find out in this audio, where I talk about my master's research developed in southern Brazil. You can read the paper here: My name is Estela Dibo Soares. If you have doubts or suggestions, please contact me:

    Lowell Iporac

    Tue Oct 31 2023

    "Sargassum Watch": Using the power of volunteers to monitor brown seaweed influxes


    Grab your smartphones, download the apps, go to a beach in Florida, the Caribbean, or the Gulf, and get monitoring on landed sargasso seaweed! Find more detailed information with my publication here Find the 'Sargassum Watch' citizen science project landing link here:

    Julia Cavalli Pierry

    Mon Oct 23 2023

    Escape response of Guiana dolphins to bottlenose dolphin playback


    Can dolphins feel afraid? Find out by hearing about my master's research developed in South Brazil. You can read the paper here: And here is the link to the Behavior Note I talk about in the audio: My name is Julia Cavalli Pierry. Please contact me for any doubts or suggestions -



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