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    Green Growth: Balancing Progress and Environmental Preservation

    environmental preservation
    greener future
    ecological well-being
    Created at: 10-08-2023
    Last updated: 30-11-2023
    We invite you to explore "Green Growth: Balancing Progress and Environmental Preservation," a collection of insights into the delicate equilibrium between economic advancement and ...
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    Sonia R. Baldárrago

    Thu Nov 30 2023

    Trees in urban religious sites: An análisis of their diversity in Arequipa,Peru


    Animangsu Ghatak

    Thu Nov 16 2023

    Gecko inspired design of reprintable paper


    The audio is about a novel re-printable paper that can be used over fifty times using a laser jet printer. The toner particles adhere strong enough on this paper, that they do not get easily dislodged by simple shear action with finger or an object in contact, but can be removed by gentle scrubbing with a rough surface in presence of a specific liquid. Following drying off the liquid, the paper becomes ready again for printing.

    Gloria Serra-Coch

    Mon Oct 23 2023

    Geographic network effects to engage people in the energy transition: The case of PV in Switzerland


    In this audio, I give a quick overview of my current research focus: the innovation-diffusion of energy technologies, and I briefly present the results of a study that was recently published on the role of information access and peer effects in the photovoltaics sector in Switzerland.

    Supriyo Chakraborty

    Sun Oct 22 2023

    Carbon cycle study in northeast India


    Tropical forests help manage the world's carbon. Many factors affect how much carbon a forest can store or release. We looked at these factors in a forest in northeast India to learn about its net carbon exchange. The forest takes in more carbon before the rainy season and less in the winter. The forest also releases more carbon than other Indian forests. From 2016 to 2018, the forest made about 2600 gC/m2/yr of carbon through photosynthesis.



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