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    EG5 new omicron variant. Active vaccination Vs passive vaccination

    new variant
    Created at: 19-08-2023
    Last updated: 19-09-2023
    The newly identified variant BA.2.86 has a high number of mutations and is distant from both its likely ancestor BA.2 and also currently circulating XBB-derived variants. Despite t...
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    Dr. Alaa Abdelkarim Mohammed

    Sat Aug 19 2023
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    COVID again, passive VS active immunisation


    New variant spreading in many countries with confirmed news from the portal of the UK government. It is one case, but the spread in more than 5 countries and the big variance in the genomic structure of the new genome in comparison to the original Omicron variant rise many questions we need to highlight. Join me in the discussion to spread awareness before the humanity suffer again.

    Masoud Amirdadi

    Mon Sep 18 2023

    An optimization framework for COVID-19 vaccine allocation and inventory management: A case study


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