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    Diverse Perspectives on Cancer Research and Treatment

    rare blood cancers
    skin cancer diagnosis
    pediatric oncology
    Created at: 20-11-2022
    Last updated: 20-11-2023
    This audio playlist titled "Diverse Perspectives on Cancer Research and Treatment" presents a comprehensive overview of cancer treatment and research from multiple viewpoints. The ...
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    Antony Van der Mude

    Sat Nov 18 2023

    A Proposed Information-based Modality for the Treatment of Cancer


    This audio gives the basic idea behind an information based modality for cancer treatment.

    Ahmad Ab Rahman

    Sat Apr 08 2023

    New Zealand national retrospective cohort study of survival outcomes of patients with metastatic melanoma receiving immune-checkpoint inhibitors


    Bob Phillips

    Mon Sep 20 2021

    Reevaluating and re-calibrating predictors of bacterial infection in children with cancer and febrile neutropenia


    Halh Al-Serori

    Thu Oct 07 2021

    How can mini-organs help us to understand cancer?




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