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    Building Your Financial Future: Strategies for Portfolio Management

    multiobjective model
    explainable finance
    Created at: 30-03-2023
    Last updated: 22-12-2023
    Looking to manage your wealth and build a secure financial future? This playlist is packed with expert insights and advice on portfolio optimization and wealth management. Learn ab...
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    Maisa Melo

    Fri Dec 22 2023

    Answers to questions about my research paper for: Portfolio Managers and Financial Analysts, Risk Managers and Wealth Advisors, Quantitative Analysts and Algorithmic Traders


    Question from Portfolio Managers and Financial Analysts: How can the Multiobjective Model Predictive Control strategy, considering cardinality constraints, transaction costs, and risk measures like Variance and Conditional Value at Risk, be practically implemented to enhance day-to-day decision-making in portfolio management, especially in the context of dynamic market conditions? Question from Risk Managers and Wealth Advisors: In the context of risk management and wealth advisory, how can the proposed strategy help in achieving a balance between portfolio performance and risk mitigation? Are there specific market conditions or client profiles where this approach is particularly advantageous? Question from Quantitative Analysts and Algorithmic Traders: For professionals involved in quantitative analysis and algorithmic trading, what are the key considerations and challenges in integrating the multiobjective genetic algorithm proposed in the research into existing trading models? How does the strategy adapt to different time horizons and market scenarios in day-to-day trading activities? Find more information with my publication here:

    Alejandro Rodriguez Dominguez

    Sun Apr 16 2023

    Portfolio optimization based on neural networks sensitivities from assets dynamics respect common drivers


    Assistant Professor [R] Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Anjum

    Mon Apr 10 2023

    Islamic Investment-Cum-Wealth Management: Politics, Warfare and Welfare


    Keane Wei Yang Ong

    Thu Mar 23 2023

    FinXABSA: Explainable Finance through Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis




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