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    Aquaculture research

    recirculating aquaculture systems
    Created at: 24-09-2023
    Last updated: 19-12-2023
    This audio community showcases research and developments in the aquaculture field. As fish and other aquatic organisms are increasingly become necessary for food security and overa...
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    Savani Anbalagan

    Sun Oct 22 2023

    Zebrafish ligand-receptor interactome atlas


    Studies in zebrafish can unravel the functions of cellular communication and thus identify novel bench-to-bedside drugs targeting cellular communication signaling molecules. Due to the incomplete annotation of zebrafish proteome, the knowledge of zebrafish receptors, ligands, and tools to explore their interactome is limited. To address this gap, we de novo predicted the cellular localization of zebrafish reference proteome using deep learning algorithm. We combined the predicted and existing annotations on cellular localization of zebrafish proteins and created repositories of zebrafish ligands, membrane receptome, and interactome as well as associated diseases and targeting drugs. Unlike other tools, our interactome atlas is based on zebrafish STRINGdb listed interactions and existing human ligand-receptor pair databases. The resources are available as R and Python scripts. DanioTalk provides a novel resource for zebrafish-based researchers.

    Roberta Marcoli

    Wed Oct 11 2023

    Next-Level Aquaculture: The Multiomics Advantage


    In this podcast, Dr. Roberta Marcoli, an aquaculture researcher and science communicator, delves into the critical issue of sustainability in the face of a rapidly growing global population's seafood demands. Dr. Marcoli emphasizes the transformative potential of 'multiomics,' showcasing its application in aquaculture—offering insights into genetic research, physiology, and cutting-edge technologies. By unraveling the secrets of aquatic organisms, she advocates for the integration of multiomics approaches to drive a sustainable, resilient, and productive future for the aquaculture industry, catering to both environmental well-being and human nutritional needs.

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